Kurzweil Musical Instruments

The Kurzweil musical instruments company launched its flagship K250 synthesizer now way back in the mid-1980s in attempt to reproduce the sounds of an acoustic piano.  It was a noble attempt to reproduce the sounds of a piano and at that time was considered a marvel feat of technology.

Kurzweil in the mid-80s introduced a new series of synthesizers and titled K2xxx which introduced its state-of-the-art sound engine technology and named it VAST which stood for variable architecture synthesis technology.

The technology itself is prohibitively expensive beyond the reach of many musicians but over the course of time the price did come down.

In the mid-90s another line of Kurzweil keyboards was reduced the PCx series.  It was the first in a long line of 88 fully weighted keys the keyboard of which could be split into four different sections with each section assigned a different instrument.

This allowed musicians to play multiple instruments at the same time on the same keyboard.

One of the weaknesses of the PCx series is its lack of a midi sequencer.  Hence, the keyboard was adapted for professional musicians as opposed to music creators and composers.

A new evolution of Kurzweil keyboards came to being, stage pianos emblazoned with the SP series logo.

The stage piano mirrored the Kurzweil micro piano half rack module that featured 32 sampled sounds, including piano, synths, and strings.

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