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Study Finds That Music Can Help You Lose Weight!

Ever notice that you drive faster when you are listening to a song you love? The same is true of exercise! Listening to your favorite song can make you walk faster without even realizing you are doing it. Music can serve as an invisible partner, urging you, motivating you, supporting you to take that next […]

Music and Brain Power

Today I want to talk about the connection between music and brainpower. Some scientists are saying that there is a direct connection between music and memory. Although music is very important to us from a cultural and emotional appeal, the impact of music is much more influential with respect to our intellectual development while we […]

Selecting Piano Keyboard Easier Than a Teacher

If you think selecting a piano keyboard is difficult, wait till you try to select a good piano teacher, but in this case Scott Houston is a good bet. Anyone who’s ever listened to Scott Houston knows what a great piano teacher he is. If you don’t know who Scott Houston is then perhaps a […]

Difference Between Digital Piano and Digital Keyboard

So what’s the difference between a digital piano a digital keyboard? Quite simply a digital piano has weighted keys which means that the keys are designed for the practicing musician or pianist. Weighted keys help the classical pianist or any musician to strengthen their fingers while they play the piano. A digital keyboard on the […]

Tune Up Your Child’s Musical Skills – and Your Wallet – with the Right Piano Keyboard

Helping Piano Students and Their Parents Make the Right Keyboard ChoiceSaskatchewan, Canada (PRWeb) September 4, 2007 The new school year has arrived and with it a full plate of student activities. For many students, piano lessons are part of the after-school agenda.  Whether these budding musicians’ talents will flourish or wilt and die is dependent […]